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Preschool (2-5yrs) Curriculum

We provide an exceptionally high standard of education and care for up to 23 children aged 2-6 years. We are committed to maintaining a stimulating program that is flexible to the needs of our children.

gardening and caring for our living world

We live in a wonderful natural world that is exciting and wonderful and deserves to be protected. We teach our children about guardianship of the land, animal and plant life, as well as life cycles and more interesting aspects of the natural world. We also have a vegetable garden, a worm farm, look after small animals and take the opportunity to recycle as much as possible.

Our goals for children’s learning in this area are:

  • Learn about the animal and plant life cycle.
  • Learn about the responsibilities we have to protect the natural world.
  • Learn about the environment here in NZ and around the world.

We provide these opportunities through:

  • Growing our own vegetables and fruits.
  • Recycling food scraps with our worm farm.
  • Watching and observing animals with teacher guidance and centre visits.

preschool current events social studies

With every passing day, the world grows closer together, emphasizing the importance of understanding and compassion. We are proud to support a very diverse community with our care regardless of their background, country or beliefs. We also love to partake in these cultural holidays and events to celebrate the diversity of the centre and teach our children about the strength of multiculturalism.

Our Goals for children’s learning in this area are:

  • Gain awareness of local and global events.
  • To gain an appreciation of the multi-cultural background of teachers and children.
  • To celebrate our differences and appreciate one another.

We provide these opportunities through:

  • Learning about and celebrating holidays of our diverse community.
  • Celebrating global events like the Rugby World Cup, Royal Weddings, the Olympics etc.
  • Talking and discussing what is going on in the world with the help of newspaper clippings, wall displays and video content.

preschool physical active play

Playing outside is one of the best things about growing up. We know this and have a brilliant outside environment for the children to play and interact with, filled with a playground, vegetable gardens, and a giant sandpit! We understand the importance of outside play in a world that is becoming more digital, so we try to get out as often as possible.

Our goals for children’s learning in this area are:

  • Develop confidence in themselves, their bodies, their actions and their goals.
  • Develop social skills and learn about teamwork.
  • To have fun and enjoy the outside environment and to develop a sense of curiosity.

We provide these opportunities through:

  • Creating unique obstacle courses and playing fun games outside.
  • Having an array of different toys, bikes, and equipment for the children to enjoy.
  • Encouraging play with others and involving others in play.

preschool language literacy

As children grow older, clear and understandable communication becomes more and more important, especially as they get ready for school. We work with our families to make sure our children are progressing and getting all the support they need. Using individual one on one sessions, group work, and everyday interactions, we help our children learn and be prepared for school.

Our goals for children’s learning in this area are:

  • To recognize and develop knowledge about the alphabet and their name.
  • To develop conversational and storytelling skills.
  • To develop their reading skills and expectations of stories and books.

We provide these opportunities through:

  • Offering a wide range of stories and books for our children to read.
  • By working with both younger and older children on different levels of language, writing, and reading.
  • By engaging children in natural conversation, and providing storytelling opportunities.

preschool routines and regular visits

While we maintain a free and flexible day, we understand the importance of a day with structure, especially for children that will soon head to primary school. We aim to provide a semi-structured and predictable day for the children, while also maintaining our free play philosophy. We do this through regular events like mat times, mealtimes and nap times for the younger children who need it.

Our goals for children’s learning in this area are:

  • To experience and understand a more structured day, and learn to be confident and comfortable within this environment.
  • To learn how to communicate their needs and take care of themselves; i.e. going to the toilet, asking for help etc.
  • To listen to and follow instructions from the teachers; i.e. washing hands, sitting quietly, listening and such.

We provide these opportunities through:

  • Providing reliable and predictable events with freeform playtimes in between.
  • Encouraging communication and self-care.
  • Using positive and empowering language when asking questions to children and giving instructions.

preschool music and movement

Our children love to listen and dance to music! We’ll often put music on for mat time or group play, even bringing it out during free-form play just because our children want to dance and sing! We love to see how they learn the lyrics to their favorite nursery rhymes and create their own dances with friends.

Our goals for children’s learning in this area are:

  • Develop coordination and control of their bodies through dance.
  • Develop an appreciation for music and songs.
  • Learn how to sing and play certain instruments, and learn about rhythm and beat.
  • Learn how to express themselves and be creative.
  • Learn how to contribute to a group and take ownership of group work.

We provide these opportunities through:

  • Group singing and dancing sessions, during both structured and freeform play.
  • The inclusion of music in our routines, such as a Kara Kea [SP] before mealtimes, as well as softer music during nap times.
  • Offering a wide range of instruments for play and engaging children as they play.

preschool science and nature

As children grow older, their curiosity and understanding grow too! We understand this and like to challenge our children to think big and ask any questions they have. We’ll then try out experiments like making volcanoes, learning about animals and occasionally watching videos on the topics.

Our goals for children’s learning in this area are:

  • To develop a sense of curiosity and excitement about the world.
  • To think about ideas and ask questions.
  • To try experiments and think about the outcomes and lessons learned.

We provide these opportunities through:

  • Always being open for questions and answering to the best of our knowledge.
  • Working in groups and creating opportunities for all of the children to get excited about a new question or unknown topic.
  • Conducting experiments relating to topics we have been talking about in class, or watching videos on the topics we’re excited about.

preschool numeracy and maths

Working in tandem with our language and literacy module, we make sure our children are ready for maths! We take the time to make learning about maths and numbers fun, to make our children excited to learn and practice counting! We do this through games, group times and incorporating numbers into our stories.

Our goals for children’s learning in this area are:

  • Develop a basic understanding and ability to recall numbers 1-10.
  • Being able to name and copy simple geometric shapes.
  • To develop concentration and problem-solving skills.
  • To develop an awareness of numbers and have fun doing so.

We provide these opportunities through:

  • Including numbers, shapes and other components of math into our stories, play and group time.
  • Working with children individually and in groups to make sure they are making progress and overcoming any obstacles in their learning.
  • By working with our children’s parents and primary school to make sure our children are ready to go to the next step in their educational journey.

preschool sensorial play

Watching our children learn about their own abilities is immensely rewarding and fun. We love to provide different opportunities that focus on our different senses. This includes textural play like playing with sand and water, messy play such as painting, loud play with instruments and much, much more.

Our goals for children’s learning in this area are:

  • To develop awareness of their senses and learn how to react and use them.
  • To explore different situations, objects and play environments by using their senses.
  • To develop a keen sense of curiosity about things by using their senses

We provide these opportunities through:

  • Providing stimulating and exciting play opportunities throughout the classroom and the outside area, including messy play, music and songs, arts and crafts, and tasty treats!
  • To showcase positive behavior through role modeling and encouragement.
  • Interacting with children and asking questions that encourage curiosity and exploration within the school.

preschool dramatic play

Our children’s imaginations are endless and exciting and every day we get to watch them run around on adventures, exploring their own worlds. We encourage children to develop their dramatic playing skills as it often creates opportunities to grow as individuals. We do this by enjoying classroom bear hunts and other group stories, and by providing the props, environments, and encouragement for children to play and learn with each other.

Our goals for children’s learning in this area are:

  • To develop their imagination and experiment with different ideas and props.
  • To reenact situations they remember and love, using action and language.
  • To enjoy themselves and have fun alone and in group environments.

We provide these opportunities through:

  • Providing a wide variety of props and costumes for children to play with.
  • Including all of the preschool in classroom games, adventures and stories like our classroom bear hunts.
  • By encouraging group and individual play and engaging with children in their imaginary worlds.


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