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When your child graduates the Nursery, it’s important to make sure they’re entering a stimulating, exciting environment that will challenge them and encourage them positively. Our Preschool does exactly that, thanks to the wonderful teachers, the open environment and the great range of resources we have available. We also work hard to make sure your children enjoy themselves as they get ready for primary school and the start of their primary education.

In the Preschool, we continue to follow a free play philosophy while also introducing more structured events throughout the school day. This helps children grow comfortable with the structure they will find in Primary school. The free play element continues to encourage self-care, responsibility, and confidence in themselves, which allows their personality to really shine through!

We also continue to focus on our diversity and the strength it provides the community and country. As children are more aware of this age group, we provide a more in-depth experience, often involving food, song, and stories. By teaching acceptance at an early age, we can build a greater country together for the coming generation.

Providing a high-quality education is something we’re extremely proud to deliver at The Enchanted Garden. We work with schools, families and our children to make sure they are as best prepared heading into school as possible while having a fun time doing so. Developing this positive association with education is very important to us, as to make sure children have a great time at school!

Our teachers are some of the best in the business, working together to create a loving, caring and exciting environment. With a range of different backgrounds and years of experience, they work together and support one another to make sure children get the best care possible at all times. We also maintain a higher than required teacher to student ratio to make sure your children get the care and attention they deserve, making for happier, smarter children.

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