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One of the hardest things a parent faces is leaving their child in the care of others, especially for the first time. We understand the stress this can create for both parents and children, which is why we choose to follow a primary care philosophy in our Nursery. Primary Care involves having a primary teacher handle all of the invaluable moments of care while your child is at school.

The relationship that forms here allows the child to feel at ease and grow comfortable with the change of environment much quicker, while also enjoying their time at school. It also allows other teachers to be introduced and to connect with the children much quicker than in a traditional environment.

Another important element of our Nursery Philosophy involves Free Movement. In short, by removing the use of certain movement enabling equipment, we allow children to learn to control their bodies in the most natural way possible. It also allows children to grow stronger and more confident in their environment. With our clean, open and safe Nursery Environment, there is no better way to see children grow more confident.

Our Nursery Team consists of highly experienced, trained teachers who thrive on these special moments with the children. We take the time to learn about the child’s behaviors and work with our whanau to support any development goals going on at home. If there is anything you want us to include in our care of your child, just talk to one of your friendly Nursery Teachers.

If you want to learn more about our Nursery Team or Philosophy, check out the T; or Nursery Philosophy. If you would like to set up a meeting, get in touch through email, or call us on 03-359-7944

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