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Our Philosophy

Our mission at The Enchanted Garden is simple. We aim to create a magical experience for our children by providing the highest quality of education and holistic childcare in Christchurch. We do this by creating a welcoming, homelike environment within our centre and keeping teacher to student ratios intentionally higher than industry averages. This means we can create a more engaging and individual experience for our children, and give them the care they deserve.

Our philosophy is made up of three simple core beliefs, relating to everything we do within the preschool and nursery. These are;

  • Creating a sense of belonging within the centre
  • Providing high-quality nurturance through individualized care
  • Promoting Diversity and Multiculturalism
  • Learning about and protecting our Natural World
  • Encouraging and Empowering children to become curious and develop their character.

The world has never been a more diverse and exciting place. With more and more of the world becoming accessible, it’s important to teach a message of compassion, acceptance, and multiculturalism. We should celebrate our differences and empower one another within the community, as we are stronger together. We work with families to respect tradition and embrace their cultures, while also celebrating holidays within the centre and creating learning opportunities for them.

With that being said, it’s also important to pay our respects to the bicultural heritage of New Zealand. Incorporating Maori concepts and beliefs into our curriculum and teaching allows for a higher level of care to be achieved, working with the ministry of education to achieve this. To achieve a strong and proud New Zealand in the future, we need to teach our tamariki about all of our bicultural beliefs and heritage.

Our world is also a diverse and magical natural wonder, and it deserves to be protected. Our children will become the guardians of the planet and we believe starting them on the path to environmental protection and sustainability is important. We do this by creating learning opportunities with our recycling and food waste programs, growing our own vegetables and supporting our worm farm.

Finally and most importantly, we want to create an environment where children can safely develop their character, become curious and grow excited about this amazing world. We want our children to be confident and create opportunities to empower them, while also providing them the freedom of choosing their own play and activities between structured elements of the day. This allows children to develop their own interests and build their own character, with teachers engaging them and providing guidance if and when necessary.

This philosophy drives the curriculum that makes sure our children are really ready for primary school. By providing individual attention to each child and measuring their progress, we can provide unique, high-quality learning opportunities that make them better prepared for life.

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